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SloHi Coffee Company was my passion project - my favorite brand I've built to date. I opened SloHi Coffee Company with four other talented entrepreneurs in Denver, Colorado in 2014. This was the beginning of my socialpreneurship. Nearly every single product we sold was produced by a local Colorado small business. #shoplocal

design + branding + color theory + creative direction =

[graphic designer + creative director + socialpreneur]

My background.

I have been a visual brand identity designer for over 20 years, with much of my experience as a creative directors at companies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Las Vegas, Nevada. To expand on my creativity, I have taken my design skills to the next level and offer them to businesses and individuals outside of my previous corporate environment. Currently located in Denver, Colorado, I service clients all over the country. I truly believe that emerging my corporate experience and my design experience, I can provide the skills needed to make your end-product truly unique.

My Expertise.

I claim to be a color theory expert. I build brands based on color psychology. I walk clients through several exercises that result in a personal and professional brand that speaks to their audience. Yes, everyone has a favorite color, but that favorite color may be the completely wrong color for their message. I will educate my clients on which colors work best and why...but the fun part about these exercises is that it is 100% driven by the client’s mission and vision of their brand. 

Why You Should Work With Me.

Because I treat all of my clients as if you were my one and only client. I will give you the attention you and your brand deserves, being with you every step of the way from our initial conversation of your project all the way to delivery and beyond. It's like having a personal cheerleader in your back pocket. Oh, and did I mention I am fun as hell to work with?

Learn More.

If you are curious what other projects I am working on, please be sure to check out my Linkedin profile.

"Christie is extremely talented and not only shares her artistic skills and vision, but she gives compassionate guidance from her heart to her clients and it comes through in the work she does. I worked with Christie because she works with entrepreneurs who want to create positive change in this world. She will be in your cornerevery step of the way.”

~ Mary Stone, Owner, Stepping Stones Educational Services, LLC

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