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Visual Brand Identities with
Clean Design and a Clear Message.

Who is Christie Mayer? I am a veteran of brand identity and graphic design, a color theory expert, and a entrepreneur, offering top-level creativity for small to medium-sized businesses.

Brand identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image and message to its consumer.

What can Christie Mayer Creative do for you? I make your business appear fresh and professional by creating flawless visual brand experiences for you and your clients. I strive to satisfy every clients’ design needs and goals whether it's giving your company a great visual brand identity (including logo and/or wordmark, typography/font treatment, color palette, image style, graphic elements, and messaging) with an eye-catching look and feel or re-branding your existing brand to gain more consumer-interest in your already established market.

Essential Brand Identity Elements Include:

brand identity elements2.png


Let's Work Together!


Great visual identity design is much more than creativity of the mind. It involves deadlines, accurate portrayal of messages, and the professionalism to promote you and your company. If you are looking for a design partner to integrate all of these traits, I am here to do that for you. So basically...


My job is to make you and your brand look fresh and professional. 

Plus, it will be fun. I promise.

Don't be intimidated to work with a designer. I will make this process as much fun as the day you decided to start your business. Oh, who am I kidding, that was scary as hell! But I do promise you that working with me is as easy as can be and will be a fun and educational experience from beginning to end.

Great visual brand identity design is an essential to help your business grow. I can make that happen by delivering you effective, professional, creative solutions with
Clean Design and a Clear Message.

"With expertise firmly rooted by the creative sensibility of a world class graphic designer, Christie has catapulted herself into a branding guru to be reckoned with. She's smart, savvy and amazingly likeable! There's no ego here, just a lot of common sense backed with a killer sense of brand.”

~ Ann Ziegler, Principal, The A.M. Ziegler Project

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